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Ethics and Profit in Business

It is possible to ethical and profitable in business. Not everything is about taking from others, though lately it would appear there are more cases of people profiting off the misery of others. The one good thing that has appeared from the economic crisis is the exposure of those who are committed to taking from others in an illegal manner. The ponzie schemes are all crashing, poor leaders are failing, and unscrupulous companies are falling one-by-one. Sometimes it takes something really bad to bring out the good in people.

A recent new item I read was where a young boy sold all his toys to help his father, who lost his job. This person will hopefully go on to do great things because of his thoughts for others. Power to those who think of others first. Explain.

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There are several concepts that seem to fit here; what goes around comes around is one of them. In other words, if you do good things to others, good things will happen to you. I do believe that that is true. I think that if you surround yourself with positive ideas, ...

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