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    Critical Analysis of Advertisements

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    See attached file for part of the GM electric car ad.

    The entire GM file is too large to attach. PLEASE REVIEW ONLINE FOR 'GM THOMAS EDISON WAS RIGHT'.

    You are to analyze two ads: one is a nonprofit ad you will have to research for, and the other is a corporate/association ad you will choose from what we provide here.

    Ad #1, Nonprofit Ad: You are to select one issue advocacy ad (non-candidate specific) produced by a nonprofit source. I suggest you look at recent printed issues of Roll Call, National Journal, Congressional Quarterly, among other publications, which display a lot of these advocacy ads.

    Ad #2, Corporate/Association Ad: GM ad.
    Please write a critique on each advertisement. For the ad you choose (Ad #1, Nonprofit ad), please provide specific publication/date /page reference. If it is possible, please attach a PDF copy of the ad to your memorandum.

    At a minimum, try to address the following questions:

    1. To what group(s) is the ad targeted? How effectively, if at all, does the ad speak to the targeted audience?
    2. Does the ad dramatically describe a problem? Does the ad explain the issue in personal terms? Does it relate to real-life concerns of the reader?
    3. What is the "call to action?" Does the ad make a reasonable request of the reader? Is the call to action a request for financial support; signature on petition; call to a congressional representative? Is it user-friendly, easily understood, and well-executed?
    4. From a design perspective, is the ad well-presented? Do the graphics make sense? Do they logically connect to the issue? Does the ad flow from headline through the body copy to the call to action?
    5. Is there any element of the ad-headline, visuals, copy points, among others-you would change to enhance readability and response? Be specific: Comment on overall layout, quality of copy, etc.

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1103 words with references.

    //As per the requirements of the paper a memorandum is being framed and the first part presents a critical analysis related to a non-profit advertisement. This critical analysis presents the facts related to a specific issue advocacy ad//

    To: ABC

    Date: February 4, 20xx

    Sub: Critical Analysis of Advertisements

    Non-profit Advertisement

    The article in National Journal by Eliza Carney discusses about the expenditure that is being done on campaigning. It explains about the campaigning that is being carried out by both parties i.e. Democratic Party and Republican Party. The advertisement is targeted towards the general public, more specifically to all the people who are eligible to vote. It informs them about the type of campaign that various political parties are carrying out. The advertisement speaks very effectively to the target audience and explains them the facts related to the campaign of the political parties.

    The advertisement dramatically explains the problem and makes the reader understand about the various effects associated with increasing finance for campaigning. The advertisement is well presented but is not written in an easily understandable or simple language. Though it is well executed but as it explains the facts in a dramatic and complex language so it is not easily understandable. The advertisement is well presented as it addresses the topic of increasing issue advertising among political parties as an important concern (Carney, 2010).

    The advertisement describes about the competition for issue advertising that exists between the Democratic ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1103 words with references.