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    ANOVA and Hypothesis

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    An employment agency wants to see which of three types of advertisements in the help-wanted section of local newspapers is the most effective. Three types of advertisements (big headline, straightforward, and bold print) were randomly alternated over a period of weeks and the number of people responding to the advertisements was noted each week.

    At the 0.01 level of significance and using the follow Excel output, does this data support the null hypothesis's position that there is NO difference in the effectiveness of the advertisements as measured by the mean number of people responding? (Please write out the symbols and the words of the null and alternative hypothesis.) Please note that the following output can be used to identify the solution to this quiz. So you really can focus on doing a superb job on the step one symbol and words and the final answer (with given this information and "probably").

    See attached file for full problem description.

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    This solution conducts an ANOVA analysis on the data in the questions set by stating the null and alternative hypothesis, calculating the test statistic, formulating the decision rule, and computing the chi-square to compare the test statistic and p-value to either make a decision in accepting or rejecting the null hypothesis.