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    ANOVA Hypothesis Test and a Summary Statement

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    ANOVA hypothesis test and a summary statement

    I need up solving this problem dealing with ANOVA hypothesis test and a summary statement. I've stated the problem below and have attached an excel spread sheet containing the problem and data.


    Include a "summary statement" for each hypothesis test, one for the ANOVA hypothesis test, and another "summary statement" for the multiple comparison results when the ANOVA null hypothesis is rejected.


    A professional golf association wants to compare the mean distances traveled by four brands of golf balls when struck by the same driver. Specifically, a robotic golfer uses a driver to hit a random sample of 80 balls (i.e., 20 balls of each brand). Note that the 80 balls are hit in random order. The distance is recorded for each hit, and the results are provided in the file P12_6.XLS -as provided below.


    (a) Is there any indication of differences in the mean distances traveled by the four types of balls? Using Excel as a data generator, perform an appropriate statistical test and report a p - value.

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    This solution conducts an ANOVA hypothesis test for the professional gold association scenario, comparing the F-statistic to the p-value and making a summary statement.