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Compensable Factors of Work

Can you help me to analyze the valuation of compensable factors of work? Can you put it in paragraph form? Thanks.

Please cite any references.

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The valuation of compensable work factors are any factors used to provide a basis for judging "job value" to create a job worth hierarchy. Compensable factors define the criteria used to evaluate jobs. The company is willing to pay for these factors. Compensable factors are identified and defined based on the company's objectives and values. Each compensable factor is normally assigned a weight of importance. There are normally between 5 and 12 compensable factors. The generic compensable factors are established by the Equal Pay Act of 1963, which includes skill, effort, responsibility, and working conditions.

Employee traits are those aspects of an employee's background that may have an influence on the predicted pay ranges. Such traits are compensable factors that include years of job experience, recent performance rating, education, and professional certifications.

Employer-related traits. (Or employer-specific job traits) ...

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