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    Change and Management

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    Able Corporation as an organization has come to the conclusion change has to take place in order for the corporation to remain as a viable business. In order to this process to be successful it must be embraced by the entire organization beginning with the top continuing through to include all employees at every level of the organization. Currently the president of the organization (who is an advocate of the past administration) is finding it difficult to forego all of the old processes and protocols. We now have the task of convincing him he must embrace the changes and let go of the past to move forward with the company.

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    We must first identify why the changes are needed, generally they are based on a number of key indicators, such as: business performance begins to decline, product life cycles ending requiring expansion into new areas at the same time revamping or the elimination of older products. The financial situation of the organization changes in which the revenue and expenses fluctuates, customer complaints increases in addition to the steady increase of competition. These indicators all require analysis to determine where changes need to be made, as reports will clearly reveal change is inevitable.

    By collecting qualitative data to document the organization's decline in product sales or the decrease in revenue it will clearly illustrate the problems to support the basis for our position proposing change. Once we have presented the need for change we will then present the alternative should the change not be implemented. It would be at this point the ...

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