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Case Study - Micro-Managing by Board Members

A Board is engaging in "micro-managing," rather than concentrating on long-term issues.

What are the concerns or problems you envision if a Board member or members "micro-manage" - to the extent a Board member walks 'unannounced" into the organization to talk with employees?

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Depending on the type of organization and its established culture, a Board member walking in unannounced and chatting up employees isn't in and of itself a bad thing. It could in fact be a motivational tool in ...

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In order to promote a successful work environment, managers must set goals and expectations that are achievable, monitor the progress of the teams through results, be predominantly hands off and manage through delegation of employees and trust in their ability to get things accomplished, and finally, coach them to meet their shortcomings (Moore, 2008). Micro-managing is doing most of these things yourself and staying directly involved to the point it interferes with the employees own creativity and talents being able to shine.