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    Career Development: Inspiring Employees

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    The case scenario:
    Motivated employees want to be able to see a path for their career with the organization. Providing a picture of the possibilities to employees can be an effective way to support employees' interest in remaining with the organization. One way to accomplish this is to provide a clear mapping of the competencies that each job family requires. This mapping is then made available to all employees so that they know how to prepare through professional development to be able to compete when there are openings. Ideally this benefits both the employer and employee.

    Respond to the following questions:
    1. Discuss your career development experiences to identify best practices from the employees' perspective.
    2. What is the benefit to the employer of effective career development of employees?

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    1. Employees should have access to information which clearly reflects how their current positions are related to others within the same field of work they perform; and even possible "cross-over" skills that may be applied in other types of work. Job descriptions for all positions within an organization should be available for all employees to review, likely the most effective method would be using the intranet. All job descriptions should clearly ...

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    This solution is over 250 words and provides a thorough analysis on best practices for creating career development plans for employees. Such plans can increase motivation and retention; benefits to both the employer and employees.