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APA style formatting and article analysis

Assignment: Write a citation for a scholarly article on decision making, complying with correct APA style formatting. Include a brief analysis of the article, and discuss your findings.

I need help to ensure that I have completed the assignment properly, especially to determine if the citation is correct.

In this article, the author discusses the five most common difficulties in making effective decisions, and points out that one needs to make the following considerations, know where you stand, be introspective, leverage the clarity state, develop mind discipline and focus, adopt best practices, and stretch oneself and have fun in order to make clear, faster, and easier decisions.

The author points out that knowing oneself, cultivating self-discipline, and continually scrutinizing and improving one's decisions is needed in order to master the skill of effective decision-making.

Kopeikina, Luda. (Feb 2006). Lead With Clarity: How to Make Effective Decisions. Cost Engineering, 48 (2), 7-8 (2). Retrieved October 18, 2006 from EBSCOhost Business Source Premier Database.

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Though I am unsure of the complete content of this article, coupled with the uncertainty of the exact amount that is included in the instructor's definition of 'brief', I would say that a little more elaboration on the five most common difficulties. Perhaps just a single sentence about each. This will offer substance to your 'brief' analysis. My knowledge of an analysis lends to depth.

For example:

The article, Lead With Clarity: How to Make Effective Decisions, by Luda Kopeikina, ...

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This solution provides a description of APA formatting as offered by The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (5th ed.) as well as an example of how to provide a brief analysis of an article.