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Ethnography, lead user, focus groups, survey research

Define and explain the advantages and disadvantages associated with ethnography, lead user method, focus groups, and survey research.

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This is when you observe society through your eyes. No research is conducted; you are just looking and understanding phenomena. It is also called fieldwork. The researcher tries to be as unobtrusive as possible in order to not bias what they are examining


This is a way for people to study things that occur in nature. If you were to try to control or manipulate a situation, then you would no longer be examining it from a clear, unbiased way.


Since you are not applying any formal methodology, your results are not very reliable- they are not scientific and used more for anecdotal support. As well, they might be biased since you are reporting the data from your own eyes, and you might have pre-conceived notions or ideas which might bias your conclusions.

Lead user method

This is when experts in the field are asked their opinion on how to improve a processes or a product. Their opinion (lead) is then incorporated when a company is looking at product development or product improvement.

Advantages: You get ...

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The solution discusses the advantages and disadvantages of ethnography, lead user, focus groups and survey research.