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    Job Satisfaction

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    Job Satisfaction Paper

    Please assist with 900-1050 word paper that discusses how you motivate yourself and others to be productive. What does it take to keep you satisfied in your job?

    Please include 2 references.


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    Being a supervisor, it is very important that motivation starts from within. I need to be the first to motivate myself otherwise I cannot give to others what I do not have. Being a good leader requires a great skill and it is essential that one of the skills that I should have is the art of motivating others. Motivating people makes it easier for leaders to make them do what they should do. Leaders should try their best to motivate themselves so that they can motivate others too. I am going to state some of the things that I have done in order to motivate my subordinates and at the same time encourage everyone to be more productive in the workplace. One of the basic needs of man according to Maslow's hierarchy of needs is the sense of belongingness and to feel appreciated. One of the things that makes people feel appreciate is to make them feel important and needed. To simulate and maintain active involvement, it is important that leaders must encourage and most of all, recognize the efforts and accomplishments of his/her members. I usually give spontaneous and on-the-spot recognition. I find it most effective and it is something that I make sure that I do whenever I have the chance. I focus on actions and accomplishments rather than inborn attributes or appearances. I make sure I thank them for every effort that they have done. It is also important that we set and define goals and objectives to be achieved. It clarifies the direction that the team is going. I make sure that everyone is involved in the planning. Group goals will only be meaningful when they are developed and 'owned' by the members themselves. Along with the goals are the objectives and most of all, the expectations from each other. Everybody in the group must know what everybody expects from each one. It is important also to set priorities and to make goals simple so that they are not hard to ...

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    The solution is at least 900 words and it discusses how one motivates herself and others to be productive. It also lists down the things that keeps her satisfied in her job. References included.