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Torts, Products liability, Intellectual Law and Internet Law

I'm trying to understand the different kinds of laws in certain situations. What kinds of categories do these two scenarios fit in? Why? If putting in Issue, Application, Rule and Conclusion form, how would u respond to these? Thanks.


A guest injured his shoulder when he lifted too much weight on the bench press machine at the exercise room of the hotel where he was staying. He signed a waiver that was left on the counter in the exercise room. There were no attendants on duty. There was a sign that said "EXERCISE AT YOUR OWN RISK." There was a hotel video camcorder that was operating in the room but was only recording. It was not monitored by hotel personnel.


Amy comes to work on Monday, and finds out that the employer has decided to implement polygraph testing, drug testing, and psychological testing on all the employees that day. Assume this is a private employer with 15 or more employees.

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The first situation is mostly related with products liability laws. The guest is injured during the exercise while using the exercise equipment of the hotel. There was an "exercise at your own risk" sign in the room and he signed the liability waiver before using the equipments. In the sports facility waivers, guests confirm their physical and mental abilities and they confirm that they participate willingly and voluntarily and assume full and complete responsibility for any personal ...

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Torts, Products liability, Intellectual Law and Internet Law are discussed.