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Title VII and Religious Accomodation

This solution is about 350 words and includes one reference. The specific case scenario is:
Title VII requires employers to reasonably accomodate an employee's religion and religious practices to the extent that accomodation does not cause undue hardship. Discuss the six factors that will be considered by the courts and the EEOC in determining whether the employer's efforts to accomodate the employee's religion is successful.

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The main consideration in a successful accommodation is working with the employee to define a solution that respects their religious beliefs while ensuring that doing so does not treat them differently than other employees.

1. Schedule alterations - Shift exchanges with other employees or different arrival/departure times to permit attendance of religious events and/or in observance of holidays. So long as doing so does not cause an undue hardship for the employer and staffing needs are fulfilled, schedule adjustments to permit an employee to ...

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This solution is about 350 words and includes one reference. It includes six factors in which accommodation by an employer to an employee's religious views is acceptable.