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    the rule/law, application & conclusion drawn.

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    Will someone help me to understand these problems? I need to know what the issues are, the rule/law, application & conclusion drawn. Thanks.

    7. Diana is up for promotion to Sales Manager at West Coast Products. The company presently has 12 female sales managers and 10 male sales managers. Diana is turned down for the promotion and in explaining this, the President tells her that although she is generally well qualified, she is too aggressive and acts too much like a man. The president also says to Diane, "It's not because you are a woman. Obviously this company has nothing against women given that we have 12 women sales managers and that I, as company president, am a woman.." Assume that the company has 15 or more employees and the business affects interstate commerce.

    8. Maintenance Contractors, Inc. owed $13,600 to Westinghouse Electric Supply Co. Robert Pilkerton, the majority shareholder of Maintenance Contractors, caused Maintenance Contractors to cease operations. Twelve days later, Robert Pilkerton incorporated R.E. Pilkerton, Inc, which carried on the same business as Maintenance Contractors. Are Pilkerton and R.E. Pilkerton, Inc., liable to Westinghouse on the $13,000 debt?

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    7. This case is related with employment discrimination law. State statutes provide extensive protection from employment discrimination. Diana is turned down for the promotion and at first glance it seems like there is nothing wrong with the decision because she is already a woman. Her manager stated ...

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    Identify the rule/law, application & conclusion drawn.