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    IRAC and its Application to Law-Right or Wrong?

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    One would think the law is absolute, but you will see that much is up for interpretation in the law. In law school, there was seldom a "right" answer, but the most important aspect was the analysis of the issue. In fact, when approaching a legal question, it may prove helpful to remember the following acronym IRAC - Issue, Rule, Application and Conclusion.

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    The acronym IRAC stands for - Issue, Rule, Application and Conclusion. Its purpose is to provide more focus and specific detail to a case, and make the legal analysis process simpler through the following:

    Issue-Refers to the issue or question at hand. The issue section focuses on the law and how it applies to the case. This is where ...

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    A discussion of the sometimes ambiguity of the law and how the principle of IRAC is used.