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Starting a Business in Florida

Jimmy Rogers, one of your clients, wants to start a small business in Florida. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation to outline for him the complete checklist of start up requirements and the appropriate government agencies to work with when starting a small business.

You can look at the Web site of the Florida Government for the required information.

Projects requirements....

-Compiled a coherent and complete checklist of the approvals and requirements for starting a business.
-Compiled the checklist in a form that would help a prospective business-person understand what needs to be done.

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Thank you for posting today. It is my goal to provide ideas, definitions, research help, and instructions on how you, the student, should approach the assignment.

Since this is a PowerPoint, I'll get you the appropriate links to the information first, then I'll roughly outline what the slides should include on a slide-by-slide basis.

Federal Information:
State of FL Information:

The slides should follow the business.gov checklist, and I'll explain each one and provide resources to help you.

Step 1: Research and Plan your business:
Write a business plan. Score.org and disneyec.com (for central FL) are great places to start. SCORE has business plan templates. The Disney Entrepreneur Center, located in Orlando, is nationally recognized and is a great place for free small business help

Step 2: Get Business ...

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The solution goes into a 10 step guide on how to start a small business in FL.