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Confidence Intervals

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Contains information on the starting salaries for 50 college graduates from the University of South Florida. Assume the data was collected from a mailed out questionnaire. Find: mean, median,range, standard deviation, Q1, and Q3. Draw a box plot. Create a frequency table,histogram with 6 classes, construct a 96% confidence interval for the mean starting salary of graduates, what is the maximum error of your confidence interval.

Suppose you want to estimate the starting salaries of all 1999 four year college graduates. What is the minimum number of salaries you should include if you want to be 96% confident that your sample mean is within $750 of the true population mean? State 2 reasons why the data given should not be used to estimate the mean starting salaries for all 1999 U.S. college graduates. to obtain the data set go to WWW.sunydutchess.edu, click on academics, faculty with web pages, click S, click on Diana Staats, Click MAT118 Elementary Statistics, sal50.xls (it will download to excel) any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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