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PowerPoint Theories of Milton Friedman and Archie Carroll

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Compare the theories of Milton Friedman and Archie Carroll, and create a powerpoint presentation on your comparative study.

Please ensure that every slide has a title at the top explaining what the slide covers.

Slide 1: Title Page
Slide 2: Table of content or objective slide
Slide 3: A summary of Milton Friedman's main points
Slide 4: A summary of Archie Carrolls's main points
Slide 5: The principles you would like implemented at your current place of work (or where you wish to work in the future) High School and why you would include them)
Slide 6-7: Two detailed examples of organizations where Friedman's theories are applied
Slide 8-9: Two detailed examples of organizations where Carroll's theories are applied
Slide 10: Conclusion
Slide 11: References in proper APA format

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Slide 3: A summary of Milton Friedman's main points

In order to understand Milton Friedman's viewpoint, you must understand that he believed entirely in the concept of Capitalism wherein he viewed it as the primary driver of freedom and democracy in any country. Therefore, his views regarding economic responsibility were predicated upon the belief that "what's good for the company is good for society." Therefore, he viewed corporate social responsibility under the prism of creating jobs within the community and providing goods and services for people within the community to establish the capitalist market that espouses freedom and individuality. This viewpoint espouses that the corporation has the sole responsibility of creating shareholder wealth, and this is the corporation's social responsibility as its economic solvency ensures that the rest of the community and economy will be solvent.

In reference to ethics, he espoused that corporations needed to obtain their wealth in a lawful and ethical manner that is in accordance with the country's laws and ethical codes, but he doesn't believe that a corporation has a separate responsibility to engage in what is considered 21st century corporate social responsibility or that proposed by Carroll. In contrast to these views, he doesn't believe that corporations have a philanthropic responsibility but instead proposes that leaders of corporations such as Bill Gates and others who are personally rich, can engage in philanthropy on behalf of themselves while still being represented as the face of the corporation. Any money made for and by the corporation should go to shareholders and stockholders. This paradigm believes that the primary corporate social responsibility for corporations is to maximize profits, which means that no money should be diverted from the corporation toward social issues, ...

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