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    Patents and Trademarks

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    Please list the difference between a patent and a trademark. Should a company be allowed to patent a life form? Also, does it matter if the life form is a non-sentient organism like a plant?

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    Patents and Trademarks
    Patents and trademarks are distinctly different in a few ways. First, a patent is a form of legal protection governing an invention. Patents help inventors with property rights, and prevent people from making, using or selling a particular invention (General information concerning patents, 2011). Patents can be for a utility, a plant or a design. Utility patents, for instance, cover machines and processes. Plant patents are designed with the agriculturist in mind (General information concerning patents, 2011). For example, if a new kind of corn is produced through cross pollination, a plant patent ...

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    This 380 word discussion provides 3 quality references to tie all the material together. It covers the differences between patents and trademarks, and when each may be used. It also discusses pertinent patent and trademark issues, such as registering such property rights on life forms.