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Riordan Manufacturing move to China

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Riordan Manufacturing has facilities in Hangzhou, China. need an analysis of the regulatory concerns facing the company in an international market and

Explain what each of the following is Patents, Trademarks, and intellectual property and how Riordan can ensure they are in compliant with each. and summarize the political risk of operating a manufacturing company in China.

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Riordan Manufacturing move to China is examined.

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Firms operating in international markets are often concerned with leveraging their core competencies in international markets to compete. For this to be possible the companies need to adhere to the regulations of doing business in each and every one of their operating environments. The regulatory landscape for international businesses is often diverse and challenging due to the diverse systems of regulations that have to be adhered to, and have to be aligned with company's business objectives. This paper analyses Riordan manufacturing international business by analyzing regulation concerns facing the company in its facilities in Hangzhou, China with specific attention on Patents, Trademarks, and intellectual property.

Company profile:

Riordan manufacturing is a wholly owned subsidiary of Riordan Industries a Fortune 1000 enterprise employing 550 people and with revenues of more than $1 billion. Riordan industries were founded in 1991 by Dr. Riordan and are headquartered in San Jose, California. The company is a leading global plastics manufacturer with state of art capabilities. The company has facilities in Georgia, Albany, San Jose, California, Michigan, Pontiac and Hanghzou, China. The electric fan facility is located in the Hangzhou China, and operates as a decentralized unit of Riordan manufacturing.

Regulatory concerns facing the company in Hangzhou, China:

Intense and rapid growth of the Chinese economy over the past two decades has seen increased business interest in the giant economy and substantial foreign investment. Riordan manufacturing facilities in China were opened in 2000 due to this highly accelerating growth and the cheap labor that is available in these markets. With the Chinese accession into World trade Organization (WTO) and the resulting increased access of the Chinese market, trade and business has grew dramatically with the profits of Riordan manufacturing facilities in China improving tremendously. China is relatively well integrated into the global economy within various sectors. However, the country has not yet fully transitioned to a regime with effective capital controls, ...

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