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Legal and Illegal Interview Questons

Use the Library or other Web resources to develop a questionnaire that managers will use when they are interviewing applicants. This document must contain:

The name of the position that the candidates will be interviewing for
- At least 12 permissible questions that will be asked to all candidates
- A summary of illegal questions that should never be asked in the recruitment process

Note that the position you are trying to fill is the role of a human resources specialist.

Permissible questions:
- What makes you qualified for this position?
- Why do you want to work for this company?
- Where did you attend college?
- Have you ever worked in the field before?
- If so what kind of training were you given that has prepared you for this job?
- where do you see yourself in 5 years?
- What is the most notable contribution you have made to your current organization?
- How do you deal with mistake?
- How do you deal with workplace gossip?
- How proficient are you in Microsoft applications?
- Are you authorized to work in the U.S.?
- How long have you lived here in the U.S.?

Questions not to ask:
- Are you a US citizen?
- What is your native tongue?
- What religion do you practice?
- What religious holidays do you observe?
- How old are you?
- How many years do you have before retirement?
- Do you have children?
- Can you get a baby sitter in case of overtime work needed?
- We have always had a man in this position, how do you think you will compare?
- Do you smoke or drink?
- Have you ever been convicted?

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The permissible questions are specific to the inquiry of job skills and abilities. They focus on what the person can do in the position and what the person has accomplished in the past. It also gives the ...

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