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Is this a valid salary offer?

After completing his law degree, Bud starts looking for a job. Bud remains unemployed for several months before the firm of Cheatham and Moore agrees to hire him. Nervously, Bud asks what his salary will be. Cheatham says they will pay him what they think he is worth.

Is this a valid offer? Why or why not?

What if Cheatham says that he will pay Bud the average starting salary paid of new associates at midlevel law firms in their city?

Is this a valid offer? Why or why not?

Provide examples, laws, or other relevant information to support your answer.

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When Cheatham says that it will pay him what it thinks he is worth it is not a valid offer. The principle of distinctness of the offer is violated. The offer is ambiguous. Cheatham has not specified how much Bud is worth. The salary of Bud is not clear. The offer made by Cheatham is not valid. For example, ...

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The response provides you a structured explanation of mid-level law firms' hiring practices. It also gives you two relevant references.