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The Researching Process for a New Product

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A company is considering creating and selling a new type of cookies. Create a report explaining the research process that should be used by the company to make this decision. Your report should include:

- The research question
- The proposed research
- The research design
- Data that would be collected and how one would prepare that data
- How the data would be analyzed and interpreted
- How the results would be reported.

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Research Questions would be the other three P's of Marketing , since we already have the Product.

The product is new type of cookies - lets assume a name Sweetek Cookies.

Now, we need to research where we would like to sell. The first 'p' is Place.
Second is what is the price range we will work with. The second 'p' is Price.
Third is what market to penetrate. The third 'p' is Penetration or the target market.

Designing the Research Project:
1. Under place - I would ...

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Research and Case Analysis

Analyze (the attached article): Motivating Salespeople to sell new products: The Relative Influence of Attitudes, Subjective Norms, and Self-Efficacy, Frank Q. Fu, Keith A. Richards, Douglas E. Hughes, & Eli Jones, Journal of Marketing, Vol. 74 (November 2010), 61-76)

The analysis should be framed against each and every one of the steps presented in the Sekaran & Bougie (2010) research process diagram.

The analysis itself should be a comparative assessment of how well the author (or authors) of the selected research have fulfilled (or not) each of the steps and sub-steps presented in the Sekaran process.

The focus of the analysis should be on the research process, not as much on the research content itself.

Be careful not to paraphrase what the author(s) has already stated in the published research.

Again the analysis should be on assessing the adherence to the research process.

Look at not only each step (and sub steps) but also how each step serves as a "stepping stone" for the next step. The interrelationships among the steps are also relevant to the analysis.

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