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    Firm Sustainability: Ethically Effective Cultures

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    How would you characterize an ethically effective culture, the one that would effectively lead to profitable and valuable long-term sustainability for a firm? How would you hire the best workers for that culture? What would you do with the ones who do not share the corporate culture?

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    Every company has a corporate culture (DesJardins, 2011). Even though every company has a corporate culture that does not mean that every culture is ethical in nature. An ethically effective corporate culture would be characterized by its ability to cultivate values, expectations, beliefs, and patterns of behavior, all of which promote ethical decisions (DesJardins, 2011). In order for a company to promote ethics successfully, they must actively promote ethics in ...

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    This 310 word solution provides 1 solid reference that ties all the material together. It covers ethics, corporate responsibility and corporate culture. The solution discusses the importance of hiring employees with corporate culture in mind.