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    Criteria Used in Applying Ethical Standards

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    Select two of the ethical dilemmas set forth in the Text on pp. 125-130 (see attachment). For each dilemma, attempt to determine what you would actually do if faced with this situation; and, given what you have read in this chapter, what you should do. If what you would do and what you should do are different, state why. Finally, using the materials in this Chapter, identify the criteria you were using in applying your ethical standards.

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    I cannot write the essay for you, but I have gone through and chosen two of the dilemmas and some basics about how they decisions should be made. I also put in a basic introduction and conclusion. You will want to use your own class notes and information to round out the essay and present it. You will find the word count is well within the reach of the requirements with only a few additional thoughts and sentences added to each section. I would be using the class notes for supporting information for the decisions as this is where the person (you) would be most likely to be in accordance or different from mine.

    Ethical dilemmas occur all the time, especially in management and areas of human resources. This can be because of the nature of the job or issues of privacy or legal rules. In any job, there may be ethical dilemmas concerning the job, the quality, the outcomes of sales, or in the processes. However, ethical dilemmas can be solved if there are processes in place, so people can follow a path that leads to ...

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    The solution examines two ethical dilemmas and identifies the criteria used in applying for ethical standards.