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Code of ethics, assisted living facility

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You are the CEO of a business that employs 25 employees and owns and operates an assisted living facility.
You have decided that a code of ethics is required in your company. What should it look like? To be workable, it should be clear, succinct and easy to understand. Statements of prohibition ("You may not ______") are easier to enforce than commands to do something. How will you provide for enforcement?

Explain what ethical theory you relied upon in drafting your code of ethics (and why), and how it guided you in coming up with what you came up with. What caused you to select the ethical theory you selected? Was there something that caused you to reject another of the ethical theories? What problems did you have to work to overcome? What was the hardest part of the exercise and what problems do you still have with what you were able to draft or with what you anticipate would be the response to it? Are you satisfied with your draft code of ethics as an effective expression of ethical guidance? Why or why not?

Theories = Teleological, Consequentialist, Deontological, Relativeism/Subjectivism, Virtue based theories.

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I have used the following website to create a sample code of ethics. You may review it for additions or modifications. http://www.shrm.org/templatestools/samples/policies/pages/cms_014093.aspx. I also did not include the vision, mission or values statement since I have no idea the exact type of business or what your idea is about these.

Character ethics and deontological ethics were the basis of the code. These create a code that depends on character as the primary suppressant for poor ethical decisions and also notes the importance of duty in terms of how business is conducted. The most difficult part was not adding in every expected action or behavior as it pertains to the relationship with clients. Sometimes, in my experience, these are the most difficult and one wants to be very specific about how interaction should be conducted if it is to be successful. However, doing so, eliminates the potential for human needs and experiences that cannot be pre known or judged.

I was not comfortable expanding the gratuities section, especially where businesses and gratuities or gifts are concerned. I think it limits potential alternatives in treatment and choices, but it is also a good way to gain information and "free" things that help cover expenses for the company and individuals. I still think this needs to be better addressed, but not sure how.

Statement of Our Core Values
Company Vision Statement

Values Statement

Mission Statement
Build Trust and Credibility
Our business success depends on providing the best care possible for our clients while building trust with those clients and their families. We gain confidence when we also build trust with our employees, community, and other stakeholders. Credibility and professionalism are proven through our actions and displays of behaviors that remain ethical and true to our vision of the organization. We expect employees and management of the organization to be honorable in their duties and actions, both inside the company and in the external environment.

Every employee, every manager, every supplier and provider is expected to show respect for the individual, creating an environment where all are treated with respect and dignity. XXX is committed to this requirement for the sake of the individual, the department, the company because it raises the level of professionalism, caring, and productivity of all. We provide an equal opportunity setting for organizational members and an environment that is discrimination free. No abusive, offensive, or harassment will be tolerated at any time. Anyone who feel abused, offended, or harassed should report it immediately to human resources and have it documented in the proper processes established later in this Code.

Create a Culture of Open and Honest Communication
XXXX expects everyone to feel comfortable to speak his or her mind, particularly with respect to ethics concerns. Managers are responsible for creating open and supportive environments where employees feel comfortable raising concerns and questions. With open discussion, employees are empowered to prevent problems or mistakes that occur and should be allowed to question actions and behaviors by raising discussions.
XXXX will investigate all reported instances of questionable or unethical behavior. In every ...

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A sample code of ethics for an assisted living type of business is determined.

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