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    Coca Cola: Ethical Crisis

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    1. The key facts are that Coca-Cola is one of the most valuable brand names in the world. It is highly visible and has the opportunity to excel. However, during the last ten years it has struggled to achieve its financial objectives. Also, Coca-Cola has been associated with a number of ethical crises. Warren Buffet was a member of the board but resigned from it in 2006 because Coca-Cola could not overcome ethical challenges. In the year 2000 Doug Daft became the CEO of the company, During his tenure Coca-Cola was hit with several negative events such as racial discrimination, misrepresenting market tests, manipulating earnings, and disrupting long term contractual arrangements with distributors. Even now Coca-Cola remains the world's largest soft drinks company and markets the top five brands. The main competitor of Coca-Cola is PepsiCo and Coca-Cola has remained ahead of it till 2005. In 2006 PepsiCo moved ahead by diversifying into snack foods and using new products in non-cola beverage market. Coca-Cola is perceived as a socially responsible company. It has top reputation among its employees, supports education, and community improvement. Coca-Cola has been adversely affected by ethical issues. These include contamination claims against its products, adverse competitive issues, misconduct, racial discrimination, questionable behavior, manipulation of research results, anti-union ...

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