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    Military: Gays Serving Openly

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    The topic for my Business Ethic Research is 'Gays in the Military'.

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    There are several countries that allow gays to serve openly in the military. These include four members of the UN Security Council. US, UK, Russia, and France allow gays to serve in the military. All NATO members except Turkey also allow gays to serve openly in the military. However, different countries have different approaches to the enlistment of gays in their military. There are several countries that explicitly disallow gays from serving in the military. These include countries such as Iran, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, and Zambia. There are at least forty-two countries that do not allow gays in the military.

    The background of Gays in the Military is that during the last century the branches of US military did not have a coherent policy. The practice before 1949 was to charge military persons caught with homosexual acts with sodomy, court martial them and dishonorably discharge them. In 1941 the US Army Surgeon General issued a circular that asked persons with homosexual proclivities to be disqualified from military services. During World War II it became impossible to organize court martial for gay conduct. Instead the commanders issued blue discharges to gay personnel. Blue discharged personnel did not get jobs easily in civilian life. Between 1949 and 1993 there was the newly created Department of ...

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