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    Based on the attached document I need help with the below part:

    Current Ethical Issue in Business

    Research an article on an issue that deals with business ethics from a newspaper, magazine, journal, TV, or the Internet. Briefly summarize the issue in a 1050 to 1400-word paper in which you identify the ground rules manifested in the situation as well as which ethics theories apply. I have already selected an article Healthcare and it's attached.

    Propose a plan for revising the ethical standards and the communication of these standards in order to resolve the issue.

    In order for me to complete my whole assignment I need your help in this part.

    Looking for your professional response.

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    //While writing this paper, we will talk about a selected article healthcare. The article deals with the problem that the American people are facing, the best theory to be applied as well as the plan and the communication process that is used to resolve the ethical issues in a business.//

    The article which has been discussed in the paper is Healthcare issues. The American people are not receiving adequate healthcare facilities and this is hampering the growth and progress of the economy. The basic pay that the American employees are receiving is not adequate and they are running out of pocket expenses which have forced them to go for without checkups and avoid taking prescription from the doctor as they are not able to meet the Medicare expenses.

    So, this has lead to one major problem that the American people are not having adequate resources to look after their health so because of this they suffer from different ailments and is not able to live a prosperous life. The increasing cost of Medicare has lead to enormous budget deficit that is bullying our economy as well as our future. They are also being discriminated on the ground of being poor and are not given equal and fair opportunities as compared to rich class people.

    The second major problem that has been focused on is that right now nobody has taken the responsibility for paying for healthcare. Neither the corporate organizations nor the government has taken the responsibility for payment of healthcare. Even the people who are poor are discriminated and they are not given extensive basic liberty which is given to the higher class people.

    // Moving on, we will throw some light on the concept of ethics in the organization was why they are important followed by the best ethical theory that can be applied in the current ethical business.//

    Now let us understand what ethics is all about and the best ethical theory that can be applied in the healthcare issues. Ethics in simple word can be ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1264 words.