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Types of Power

Write a 700 to 1,050 word paper describing the five bases of power. Indicate which power bases are formal and which are personal. How might each of these power bases affect communication in your selected group or organization {government}?

Any help in the right direction would be appreciated. Thanks!

*coercive power
*reward power
*legitimate power
*expert power
*referent power

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coercive power
Coercive power is in essence by means of intimidating someone (Rivera, 2006). For example, an employee desires to take a lunch break at noon, but the boss tells them that they cannot. The employee speaks out, and says that they have worked six hours today, and is legally supposed to have a break every four hours. Instead, the employer chose to put them down, and make them feel bad for taking a lunch. Coercive power can hurt someone deeply for months or years because the power was used to make the person in charge feel in control. This is personal.

reward power
Reward power refers to getting a reward for doing a job well done (Rivera, 2006). This can include having paid time off, an increase ...

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