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John Black is a production supervisor in a low-tech toy company that produces wooden cars and boats for children 2-4 years of age. John supervises twenty-five employees and has been performing well in this same job for five years. In personal reflection, John wants to be promoted, but does not think he will be offered promotion in the near future. John does not really understand why, however. John has 24/7 email access and is "always on" wireless technology. In fact, John is somewhat of a legend at the company for always being on his BlackBerry. John not only has conversations via his BlackBerry, but also does quite a bit of message texting. John has always believed that because of the efficiency involved, electronic means of communication are better than face-to-face communication.

Can John's personal philosophy about communication affect his career? If yes, why? If no, why not? If you were John, what personal philosophy about communication would you have in order to maximize not only your job success, but also the success of your career?

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I think that John's personal philosophy in the above referenced scenario can affect his career in terms of communication. I think that if John continues to be set in his own ways and not willing to alter or change his views, it could affect his relationship with other employees and with potential client's or customers. Although text messaging and Blackberry are a quick and easy way for people to meet with him, they provide him no personal interaction. I think that in order for John to be successful and to be promoted he needs to take the initiative to personally speak with other employees and supervisors to see what areas he can ...

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