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    Communication in Conflict Analysis

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    Hi, I need some help understanding what is meant by "communication in conflict analysis" and why psychodynamics, social identity, conflict style, power, culture, and face-saving, are less important in conflict analysis.

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    The most significant part of any conflict or analysis is communication. The saying, "Conflict is normal, Communication is the key", is significant because it is true. Any relationship or situation where there is more than one person, is bound to face conflict. This apparent rule is true because every person brings his or her own experience, knowledge, and perception to a situation. However as an element that connects every other reason for the conflict and its resolution, communication is the most important.

    Other issues are important and can explain much about conflict and its reasons. When one considers face-saving, the differences between people in the East and West are easier to understand. Eastern countries such as Japan, China, Vietnam, and Thailand, are concerned with saving face, for both themselves and others. This might lead to more actions that Westerners take as a sign of agreement. Understanding the cultural aspects of face can often not only resolve conflict, but also prevent problems in the first place. For people living in the East, it is about respect, but it is also about keeping harmonious relationships with everyone. Conflict is unusual in these cultures. Conflict between Easterners and Westerners occurs because of not understanding face.

    Another East- West issue occurs as independent Westerners and Easterners try to find common ground when working together. Neither side is correct, but often the miscommunications and misinterpretations happen that could lead to conflict and be the catalyst for loss. Cultural issues range from ways of doing things to types of issues that are acceptable. An issue of gender ...

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