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    Communicating with Different Personalities

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    Tent City Scenario

    Suppose you are the civil engineering foreman in change of a 24-person group whose charter is to erect 3,000 tents in ten days. Based on their resumes, you selected four people (two men, two women) to be team chiefs of six-person details (4 X 6 = 24 group members).

    The first one is Mary. She's an extrovert (ESTJ). The second is Joe, he's a sensing data gatherer (ISTP). The third is Shirley and she is a thinker versus a feeling-type (INTJ). Finally, the fourth one, Ted, is a judging versus a perceiving type of fellow (ENFJ).

    There were going to be some tense, tough days ahead. Your work will have to be coordinated with utilities personnel, emergency workers, etc. Many stakeholders are involved.


    Given the scenario above, tell us how in this online discussion how you will communicate with each team chief when delivering complex information in a stressful situation. Propose effective communication techniques for the different personality types.

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    Mary the Extrovert

    The extrovert focuses on getting things done correctly and is quick to do so. Since Mary works logically according to details and prefers human contact, I would have a meeting with Mary face to face and let her know that we need 3,000 tents and her team is responsible for building 750 of those in ten days. Since she might be talkative I would cut the meeting short so the work can begin. To let her have a chance at talking, I would ask for occasional verbal status reports from Mary.

    Joe the Sensing Data Gatherer

    Joe can work with ...

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