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Change or Reaction for Sustainability

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Prepare and submit a research-based paper based on an occurrence that has already occurred within your industry that required your organization to change or react in some manner for sustainability and or growth. This disruption could be something launched by a competitor, a new technology, economical condition, or a regulatory mandate. Included in this paper your foresight, perceived opportunities, and possible strategies to promote future sustainability, flexibility, and adaptation. Focus on your specific organization or industry.

Please help with ideas and an outline to get started. Like what components I should include.

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I will give you a possible outline with this career. I also will give you one from the perspective of a pet store.

I. Executive Summary
II. Introduction
III. History of education.
A. information on community colleges
B. information on traditional brick and mortar schools
C. information on the "traditional student"
IV. Changes in Education
A. Online Education
B. Non-traditional ...

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The solution discusses an occurrence in an industry that required a change or reaction for sustainability.