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What Brands Successfully Speak to You?

What brands and products do you feel successfully "speak to you" and effectively target your age groups? Which ones do not? What could they do better?

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Effectively Target:

Apple iPod- Portrayed as a fashion accessory with the ability to customize in terms of color and the music you put on it. It appeals to youth's sense of technology, and is highly portable and suited to fast-paced lifestyles. Could make the iPod a bit user more user friendly; just as Microsoft has "folders" on Window, the iPod has too many sub-levels and is difficult to find a song sometimes. As far as marketing this product better, instead of targeting just the millennia generation, Gen-xer's need to be targeted as well: perhaps making the iPod look a bit more professional ...

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This solution discusses how iPod and Starbucks "speak" to specific age groups and if the targeting is appropriate. The solution also discusses why it may not or what they could do better to target their audiences.