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Strategical and Tactile Promotional Differences

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Example of the difference between stragetical and tactile promotional decisions.

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Difference between Strategic and Tactile Promotion Decisions
In order to make the promotional decisions effectively organization adopts the strategic and tactile decision making styles. Organization adopts the strategic decision making in order to make early decisions related to promotion process. On the other hand tactile decisions are taken for the late process of the promotion process. In the new product development stage, strategic decisions are taken such as product innovativeness, market growth, targeting strategy, PLC stages, product advantage, competitors, etc. (An, Fromm & Fromn, 2006). Strategic decisions helps in promoting the product very effectively and attracts large part of customers in order to buy goods and services.

For example, a company wants to promote health drink in the market. Therefore, strategic decisions help the company in making decisions related to targeting market. Apart from this company also bring innovativeness in product and ...

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Examples of the differences between strategical and tactile promotional decisions are examined.