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    Marketing Plan and Budget for Reebok Easy Tone Toning Shoes

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    Target Market Paper

    Product: Reebok - Easy Tone Toning shoes....

    Research the current customer base, buyer behavior, demographics, psychographics, lifestyle, geographic area, benefit segmentation, and user segmentation for Reeboks Easy Tone shoes.

    Identify the ideal target market for your Learning Team's selected product or service. In your paper, include the following:

    Provide a specific description of the target market, which should be measurable, accessible, sustainable, differentiable, and actionable.

    Include the total marketing budget. This is when the cost of acquisition is not greater than 10% of the product retail price or one month of an annual service.

    Estimate the size of the market and estimated penetration percentage.

    Provide justification for your answers.

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    Marketing: Reebok - Easy Tone Toning Shoes


    Target market refers the future customers, buyers and prospects of the organization for the particular product. A target market of the organization can be defined with the help o demographic, buying behavior, psychographic, life style and geographic area (Kotler, 2003). This paper discusses about the target market for the product Easy Ton Toning Shoes launched by Reebok. This paper also discuses about the current customer base, buyer behavior, demographics, psychographics, lifestyle, geographic area, benefit segmentation, and user segmentation for this new kind of shoes introduced by Reebok in the market.

    About the Product

    Reebok is an American inspired global brand company that creates and markets sport products, game tools, clothes for sports and gym, for all kinds of age group. The new product of Reebok, Easy Tone Toning shoes is inspired by the balance ball technology. The sole of the shoes features with mini balance ball in the toe. This toe ball enable regular blood circulation in the human body during walk and the user would not suffer with any kind of pain. This ball provide a conform zone to the users at their foot and heel. This creates the natural stability to force muscles to adapt and encouraging toning (Page Hub, 2011).

    This shoe gives the 28% boost to the bottom and 11% more burn to the thighs and calves. This kind of shoes improves strengths of legs and increase stamina of middle age people to walk. Inside a Reebok Easy Tone Toning shoe customer will find a silky soft pads that helps to remove seam. By this the customer will not get any abrasions. Company also provides the additional padding in the sole, this features make this shoe one of the most comfortable shoes in the market (Loudon, 2001).

    Market Segmentation

    Market segment means the group of customer or a particular set of customers who has common needs and demands. A company in the market cannot serve all customers because of their ...

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