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Strategic Management

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1. What competencies should today's managers possess? Does your companyâ??s leadership display these competencies?

2. How do policies aid strategy implementation? Illustrate your answer.

3. What is a balanced scorecard and how is it used in the strategic planning process? Does your company use a balanced scorecard?

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1. What competencies should today's managers possess? Does your company's leadership display these competencies?

Managers should possess a number of qualities within their work environment, and long before they are actually hired. They need to have integrity, high ethical standards, hard working, reliable, excellent decision-making skills, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, some level of morals, an open mind about people knowing that they are capable of great things, delegate their authority, humility, kind-hearted, constantly going out of their way to help others, inspirational, symbolic, always willing to learn something new, continuing their education, does not believe in gossip and does everything possible to stay out of it, if he or she has an issue with someone the individual actually confronts the person, they are actually concerned about other's well-being, not focused in on greed/money, very charitable with what God has given them, willing to take risks, seeks advice from others, genuine, volunteers in the community, believes in something bigger than themselves and is wholeheartedly devoted to it, takes time to take care of themselves- movies, restaurants, etc., kind to animals or owns one themselves, organized with their belongings, observes their employees before making false accusations-whether it is a week, month or year, seeks counseling when it is needed with little to no hesitation, spends time with family and friends, and strives to become a better person on a regular person knowing that it could take a lifetime or an eternity.

Yes, my companies leadership displays these qualities. In fact, I have noticed that they encourage their employees to become a success too. They hold weekly and biweekly trainings for each individual that works for them. They are able to contact support for additional help, and will do whatever it takes to make sure that excellent customer service is achieved. If for some reason there is a technical glitch with their website, the company is quick to take care of it, so ...

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