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    Balanced Scorecard and Strategy Map - Ford Motor Company

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    Ford Motor Company

    The first step is the construction of a consolidated table summarizing all your objectives, measures, targets, and action initiatives for each of the four perspectives of the balanced scorecard (financial, customer, internal business process, learning and growth).

    Draw the arrows that make up the causal chains implicit in your objectives. You can find a dandy example to follow here:

    BSI (2007) Balance Scorecard Example for the Regional Airline. Balanced Scorecard Institute. Retrieved May 17, 2010, from http://www.balancedscorecard.org/Portals/0/PDF/Regional_Airline.pdf

    Here's a form to use:

    Objective Measure Target Action





    Now you need to examine your causal chain(s) and consider them as statement(s) of organizational goals and the strategy necessary to reach those goals.

    Identify any gaps in the causal chains and suggest ways that they might be filled by creating new objectives. Specify what those objectives should be.

    Identify any objectives which do not serve to support the strategic goals and recommend either that they be eliminated or that an additional strategic goal be added. Support your recommendation.

    Finally, offer a concise summary of your overall experience trying to apply the balanced scorecard approach to your organization.

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    See your scorecard and simplified strategy map in Excel (attached).

    The basic strategic plan is to find enthusiastic workers from a wide range of sources, with great diversity to represent the potential full customer market diversity, and then train and retain them. These quality workers would be very eager to produce great cars that are fun, safe and of the highest quality so that they will stop the line when they see something wrong, make sure the product is built to exact specifications (no variance from standard processes), and comply with safety protocol ensuring low risk and expenses of operation. The high quality will result in great independent research reports (press) and high product loyalty which will prompt high and consistent sales. The low incidents of safety troubles will be low risk and low expense for operating leads to better profits and ...

    Solution Summary

    Your tutorial contains a scorecard report in Excel that has three objectives for each of the four perspectives on the balanced scorecard (financial, customer, internal business process, and learning and growth). For each of the three objectives, there is a measure, a target, and an action (initiative). Then, there is a simplified strategy map linking the objectives showing the causal links between the actions in one perspective and the implied reaction (impact) on the others.

    The discussion about this scorecard is 519 words and gives some likely difficulties in implementing the scorecard and identifies a missing aspect in the financial section. The comments also mention why it is hard as an outsider to really find and map out the critical success factors for Ford.

    This is not a full instructional case on the use of scorecards. This is an exemplar of a scorecard with the basic idea mapped out.