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    Sales Activities Paper and Flowchart

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    I need help in writing a paper in which I differentiate between the different types of sales activities. Include a flowchart of the selling activities for business-to-business sales, and a comparison of how business-to-business sales differ from business-to-consumer sales. In my paper, I must include a minimum of five selling activities, such as negotiation, lead generation, and approach to the customer.

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    Running Head: SALES ACTIVITIES

    Differentiation among Sales Activities in B2B & B2C Sales

    Sales Activities
    A sale is the most important activity associated with selling products or services in the aspiration of getting money with substantial profits. It is an activity of accomplishing a commercial activity (Peter & Donnelly, 2002). In present competitive environment, a number of sales activities are available to a seller through which he or she can sell their products and accomplish organizational sales targets. Sales activities include various aspects, which are as follows mainly in all industries:
    • Prospects are explored, assembled, and characterized.
    • Early contacts are made to characterized prospects, in person or through phone.
    • An analysis of prospect's needs is done.
    • Recommendations of suitable product or service are made in order to deal the customer's specific needs (Peter & Donnelly, 2002).
    • Proposals are extended to place a value on the commended service.
    • Post purchase evaluation is done to evaluate the satisfaction level of customers.
    Comparison of different Sales Activities in B2B sales & B2C Sales
    In present there are number of sales activities that can be used by firms to sell their products and some of them which are very significant are as follows:
    Negotiation is a substantial selling activity used by firms for B2B sales and B2C sales but the process of negotiation with customers and business's differing in both the selling models due to their different nature of operations. In B2B sales an organization has to follow a collaborative and sharing negotiation style for reaching at an agreement that provides benefits to both the parties (Morris, Pitt & Honeycutt, 2001). In business-to-business sales reaching at a maximum profit is challenging as there are various other suppliers who can supply at low prices so it is essential to adopt a collaborative negotiation style. The process of negotiation that needs to be followed for B2B sales is as follows:

    On the other hand, in B2C sales negotiation style that need to be adopted by ...

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