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Walmart Process Flowchart

Based on the attached selected current process of Wal-Mart, I am seeking your help in order to create a flowchart that depicts the current process that will enable me to write my own paper.

Current Check-Out Process at Wal-Mart:
• A row of check-out lanes is located at the front of the store.
• An open check-out lane is manned by a Wal-Mart employee; all check-out lanes are not open at all times. The check-out lane is equipped with a moving conveyor belt so items continuously move forward to the Wal-Mart checker.
• Customer brings items to the check-out lane and waits in line after any customers already in line.
• Customer places items to be purchased on the check-out lane's conveyor belt.
• Wal-Mart checker scans the item(s) and bags the item(s) for the customer.
• Cost for the items is totaled by the checker using the computer, and the total amount due is told to the customer.
• Customer pays for items via cash, check, debit card, credit card, or gift card.
• Customer is given receipt along with the items and exits the store.

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