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Process flowchart

Bayside General Hospital is trying to streamline its operations. A problem-solving group consisting of a nurse, a technician, a doctor, an administrator, and a patient is examining outpatient procedures in an effort to speed up the process and make it more cost effective. Listed here are the steps that a typical patient follows for diagnostic imaging:

Patient enters main hospital entrance
Patient takes a number and waits to be called to the registration desk
Patient registers
Patient is taken to diagnostic imaging department
Patient registers at diagnostic imaging reception
Patient sits in department waiting area until drssing area clears
Patient changes in dressing area
Patient waits in dressing area
Patient is taken to exam room
Exam is performed
Patient is taken to dressing area
Patient dresses
Patient leaves

Create a process flowchart of the procedure.

This is from the text Book " Operations Management, 5th Edition", Russell & Taylor, Wiley, 2006 (Designing a Productive System)

See attached file for full problem description.


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