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Explain in detail how marketing differs on a B2C site compared to a B2B site. Give specifics.

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According to marketingprofs.com and other online and offline sources:
B2B (Business to Business) site secifically caters one busines to another business. Usually providing inhouse service or maitanance software/networks for other businesses to utilize in order to increase function, marketing, sales, profits, efficiency and the like. Examples: Microsoft.com, Macromedia.com, Marketing sites, crmguru.com, basically anything targeting business owners, managers, and decision makers.
B2B refers to the economic connection between business and business. This means that a company that uses the Internet for ordering from its suppliers or making payments already takes advantage of e-commerce.

B2C (Business to Consumer) site specifically caters to a group or target consumer in order to expose, sell, market. etc goods or services to the public. Examples: Amazon.com, ebay.com, Walmart.com, Borders.com, basically anything offering a retail product to the public in the form of a virtual store.
B2C electronic commerce comprises commercial transactions, involving both organisations and individuals. From the technical point of view e-commerce is the processing and transmission of digitised data. E-commerce decreases the distance between producers and consumers. Consumers can make their purchase without entering a traditional shop.


The difference in marketing is that a B2B "seller" tries to differentiate itself from its competition by marketing its value proposition to its target market as one that will save the "buyer" companies a great deal of time and money by automating as much of their supply chain as possible. They do this through the traditional offline methods of advertising, tradeshow, field sales etc. along with websites that provide customer only access to their accounts and inventory. In addition, e-mail marketing and other communications using the supply chain channels is effective.
Establishing strategic partnerships and alliances can also provide tremendous synergies and leverage.

B2C also uses traditional offline methods along with the integration of online tools such as interactive websites, email marketing, online communities, CPC (cost-per-click advertising such as Google AdWords) pop-up and banner ads etc.

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I've attached my solution as a Word document. I hope this helps. By the way, I gave a speech on online consumer information search a few months ago. I pulled a graphic I used out of my slideshow and pasted it to the end of your document. It may help, but unfortunately I can't remember the academic journal I obtained it from.

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The days when a person could be naïve about the importance of the internet to business and consumers has long since past. Since 2001, over half of all Americans have been self-reported internet users. And why is that? From an economic standpoint one answer is clear - market size. The online marketplace allows both business and consumers to take advantage of purchasing choices from around the global, enhancing competition and selection. For businesses there is the added aspect of infrastructural improvements. The internet offers a portal not only to reach more customers, and gather useful information; it allows one business to enhance its efficiency via outsourcing of certain functions to highly specialized companies - such as customer service, technical maintenance, supply acquisition, etc.
Indeed, an individual can be connected to a vast array of goods and services via the web, whether he is acting in a professional or private role. But there are general distinctions from consumers in the type of ...

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