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Explain how the supply chain differs on a B2C site compard to a B2B site.

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Articles relating to the short description that give specifics to the supply chain differs of a B2C site compared to a B2B site.

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Business to consumer
In this segment, we have the businesses that directly sell to end customers. Typically, the per customer volume of transaction is low but the number of customers serviced is large. In a typical B2C flow of information between business and consumer typically is through the medium of Internet (Refer Figure 1). This flow includes product orders/service requests from customers, product information, specifications, providing of services OR GOODS by Business etc. In addition, it may also include, flow of tangibles (e.g. goods ordered from customer, documents transfers between business and customer etc.)

Online Stores
Let us take an example of online store. It may be done either to promote the company and its products and services or to actually sell the products/services through this virtual store. One of the best examples of an e-store is Amazon.com, which started selling books online and gradually extended to other product categories.

Benefits for the company

a. Increased ...

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