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Comparing Websites of Business-to-Business Products

Go to a website for a company selling business-to-business products or services. Compare this site to one selling consumer products or services. What are the differences? To whom is each targeted? Discuss.

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First, let us go over what a business-to-business store or site is. This is one where businesses sell to other businesses. A good example would be a car manufacturer buying tires from a tire manufacturer.

The relationship could be between a supplier and manufacturer or a wholesaler and retailer. Some characteristics of a business-to-business company are:
- They tend to purchase high volume orders, but less frequently
- Tend to form relationships between the partners
- Negotiate prices and contracts
- Sales contracts can take time to negotiate the details

In a business-to-company site, you have a company selling directly to the client. A good example would be amazon.com selling books directly to individuals. ...

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This is a a comparison of two websites that sells business-to-business products or services.