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Partial Strategic Audit - Harley Davidson

Complete the following sections of a Strategic Audit of Harley-Davidson:

1. Analysis of Strategic Factors

2. Strategic Alternatives and Recommended Strategy

3. Implementation

4. Evaluation and Control

Objective: Explain the strategic management process within the global environment.
Conduct various environmental analyses as they relate to an organization.
Formulate strategies and potential strategic alternatives for different situations.
Use effective communication techniques.

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1. Analysis of Strategic Factors

1. Harley Davidson has got strong brand loyalty. Those who use a Harley always stick to it. Harley has a strong niche in the market. It is the ultimate "American" bike. It is a coveted bike and so has achieved the highest market share. Harley bikes don't depreciate in value.
2. The weakness is that those who used Harley are categorized as "bad" image people; this dissuades several people from buying Harley Davidson. Another weakness is that mass production has led to aberrations in the production that has scarred its reputation. In addition, it has not been able to meet its demand in the market.
3. There is a unique opportunity for Harley during the boom in the economy. It is perceived to be an instrument of entertainment and is purchased more. On the other hand Harley are purchased during a downturn because people perceive it to be an economical means of transport. It is believed that there will be a further increase in the demand for bikes.
4. It is an attractive industry because of huge profit margins and attracts new entrants very rapidly. More competitors means newer technologies and efficient bikes.

2. Strategic Alternatives and Recommended Strategy

The strategic alternatives that Harley has are as follows:

1. Harley can use a different brand and design to launch ...

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