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Comparing department's vision statement to their strategies

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Please help me compare this department's vision statement to their business strategies, and identify any gaps. I have attached the details.

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The question has given you a mission statement of Coors, which encompasses all the competitive forces in the environment and at the end decides to adapt the CIL supply chain model to formulate strategies! So the obvious gap is that the strategies mentioned do not adequately address the other competitive forces. Apart from that there are serious gaps even in the supply chain strategies, which have been mentioned below. The question requires you to find out both these gaps.
<br><br>There are several assumptions, which the question makes. First the question assumes that if a product is 'produced' well it will take care of all other competitive issues. This is not backed by evidence. To succeed the beer must be advertised, its brand equity has to be built, new brand have to be developed and distribution channels need to be developed. Second the question assumes that its brands are an envy of all its competitors. However the question omits mentioning what its competitors plan to do! Usually they take counter measures like improving the quality, the packaging and the distribution of their products. The question remains silent on this issue. Third, the question presupposes that to simplify and stabilize the process is important, this is likely to be counterproductive, a simple process is easier to duplicate both by competitors and by new entrants and can erode the competitive position of the company. Finally, beer market is ...

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