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    Box Scores in Lean Manufacturing

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    What does the box scores mean (file attached)? Explain the categories of operational performance, capacity and financial performance.

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    An explanation of the Box score in the illustration is given below :
    1. In the current illustration, The Box score is used as a measure of performance improvements happening due to lean initiatives undertaken by the company.

    2. The performance is being monitored on a weekly basis,for the month of June, commencing from 2nd June to 30th June.

    3. The target or Goal of the lean initiative is given in the last column.

    4. Let us see the operational performance, the first dimension of the Box score:

    i) The performance measure is units of production per person.
    ii) The table shows that the units per person is fluctuating but overall there is a gain in productivity that falls short of the target/goal of 20.7.
    iii) The net fall in average cost is to the extent of $6. This is still short of the average cost goal of $262.

    5. Now let us look at the performance in terms of capacity usage and availability, the second dimension of the box score

    i) The improvements or otherwise in operational performance, reflect on the capacity and this in turn impact the financials. This is why it is in the middle of the other two dimensions.
    ii) An increase in productive capacity, a fall in non productive capacity and an increase in the available capacity % is the goal of the lean initiative. This is reflected in ...

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