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    Comparing Aberdeen and Green River

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    Could Green River use communication processes used at Aberdeen?

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    4. Could Green River use the communication process uses at Aberdeen?

    There are many types of theories (and thus concepts) that describe communication processes. Different authors use different theories and different concept to explain the communication process.

    Briefly, FMC Aberdeen's team approach is an egalitarian/participatory style communication (flexible, open, encouraging, empowering, etc.) and is built on trust. For example, Galford and Drapeau's five-stage process can clearly describe FMC Aberdeen's communication style, which can also be used by Green River:

    - Engaging
    - Listening
    - Framing
    - Envisioning
    - Committing


    In other words, the communication process is flexible, open and decision-making sharing at Aberdeen.
    However, Aberdeen uses the team approach/ work groups as well, so group communication skills are also used. However, it is possible for Green River to use the communication process used by Aberdeen because communication skills are learned. However, it might need to be modified because of the different function and job structures of Green River. For example, it would be a more complex, matrix type of communication process, with team leaders reporting to different managers; mainly, because Green River has several plants and several products, as compared to Aberdeen, which has one product line and one facility. However, Green River could transition toward incorporating the Aberdeen communication process.

    How would this happen? What would be the process?

    Clearly, changes are needed at Green River, if the team approach/groups would work effectively. First, I would focus on the organizational structure. I would bring management and employees together in a series of collaborative decision-making steps. I would take a series of steps to reinvigorate the employees. Team work groups would be employed in order for the employees to be part of the decision making process, which has been shown to increase employee morale, increase work motivation, job satisfaction and job performance at Aberdeen, for example. I would realign the employees according to training, skills, and experience (and offer training incentives for the employees who have been made managers without the necessary skills to be effective).

    Briefly, the old hierarchy of Green River consists of something that looks like the traditional "org chart" with its columns of subordinates below the manager of an isolated functional area. In this organization decision-making is concentrated with the management, roles are narrowly ...

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    Referring to the Green River and Aberdeen FMC case, this solution discusses the possibility of Green River using the same communication processes as used at Aberdeen. It provides a detailed discussion of specific communication processes to consider.