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    Using the appropriate organizational analysis format conduct an organizational analysis for Kenneth Dailey, site manager for FMC Corporation's Green River, Wyoming facility.

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    Follow up to prior posting PC44149 more information..
    I don't need the information for the analysis..I just need help with the format for the analysis and the format for the proposal..

    Using the appropriate organizational analysis format conduct an organizational analysis for Kenneth Dailey, site manager for FMC Corporation's Green River, Wyoming facility. Dailey wants to determine what type of organizational design will be best suited to the Wyoming subsidiary of FMC Corporation. He is particularly interested in the possibilities represented by the FMC Aberdeen model, but is open to all valid recommendations and plans for implementation. Look at various areas of interest, culminating in the preparation of a formal proposal for the Plant Manager Ken Dailey.

    The Management of Ability
    Organizational Commitment
    Job Satisfaction
    Organizational Ethics
    Job Design and Goal Setting
    Performance Appraisal
    Career Development
    Will Work Groups & Teams work at Green River, why or why not?
    What are the differences in Leadership at both facilities? How will changes at Green River need to be implemented to match Leadership skills?
    How does the communication process differ between Green River and Aberdeen?
    Could Green River effectively use the unique communication process adopted by Aberdeen?
    Organizational Change
    Organizational Development

    Describe the pertinent history of the organization including its mission, vision, goals and objectives, and strategies. Include only those points that are relevant to the situation, your recommendations, alternatives, or future organizational performance of the firm.
    Situation Analysis
    Describe the major issues facing the organization, their causes, and the significance to the organization of these issues. Identify which issues are critical to the organization and why. The issues identified may include both strengths and weaknesses for the organization as your goal is provide recommendations for either change or maintenance. What are the critical success factors and why?
    Alternatives and Recommendations
    Propose and analyze alternatives for the organization based on principles of organizational effectiveness. Each recommendation should include written discussion and a corresponding rationale.
    Present an implementation plan and your contingency analysis

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    The Management of Ability
    The Bob Lancaster model enables the employees to do what they want provided they meet the goals of the organization. The Aberdeen model seeks to empower the employees to work according to their own method provided they understood and fulfilled their responsibilities and were not dishonest.
    There is a system of training and certification by which the employee can learn and get his skills certified. The abilities of the employees were encouraged and enhanced by getting an employee to get more skills certified which in turn would lead to an increase of salary.
    The abilities in the company were not held by individuals but were shared. This was done by encouraging individuals to find teachers who would teach them. This ensured that the skills of the teachers were passed on the employees who were taught.
    Organizational Commitment
    Participative management was tool used to increase organizational commitment at Aberdeen. Groups were formed and individual opinions were respected. Every person had to carry out his own responsibilities in his own way. The model used was that the person should treat the organization as if it was his own. If he did what he would have done in his own company he was not penalized for any mistakes he made. One of the important tools used to increase employee commitment towards the organization was to allow a person to make reasonable mistakes and not punish him for it if the mistakes were reasonable.
    Increasing the direct interaction with the employees was an innovative technique of improving organizational commitment. The project manager roamed on the shop floor and did whatever works the team members found difficult. This close and hands on attitude of the plant manager helped build employee commitment
    Job Satisfaction
    The fact that individuals were given their responsibilities increases their job satisfaction. The provision that a person can learn new skills further increases the job satisfaction of the individuals. The close contact on the shop floor with the plant manager also helped to increase the Job satisfaction. The job satisfaction also increased because of the they would be paid according to their ability to contribute and maintain high standards of quality and service.
    Ongoing training and orientation also helped in increasing the job satisfaction of the employees.
    The effort of the company in increasing job satisfaction started from the employee selection level when the employee who was selected who had excellent interpersonal skills including communication skills. So these were the employees who would thrive in the environment and this would lead to job satisfaction.

    Organizational Ethics
    Don't lie, cheat and steal: These summarize the organizational ethics that go with the individuals. If a person was honest, his mistakes were condoned.
    That apart, every person was responsible for quality, customer satisfaction, safety, health, systems, organization and cost reduction.
    Further employees were expected to participate in community service activities.
    Job Design and Goal Setting
    It is expected that the employee will not be a local and will have to move in to live in Green River. So the person must be given goals that are consonant with irregular delivery schedules, intermittent power and infrastructure. To work in near wilderness conditions, the employees should have support and commitment form top management and union leaders that there will be a participative form of job design and goal setting.
    · Task Variety
    o The ability to vary the tasks performed and to move about at various times during the day. This variation provides a change in mental activity as well as physical well-being through movement and changes in body postures. This is possible easily at Green River but not at Aberdeen.
    · Task Identity
    o Where possible, tasks should fit together to make a complete job since this gives the employee a sense of doing a whole job from beginning to end with a visible output. This has been done at Aberdeen and should be tried at Green River
    · Task Significance
    o People like to feel that they have ...

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